Three Steps For Locating And Purchasing Your Perfect Canmore Home


Paper cut of family with house and car on green grass

Are you considering buying a new home in Canmore or Banff? Maybe you’ve checked out a couple of houses or found a new build you’re already interested in. Don’t rush straight into buying a new home though, as there are a few crucial factors you need to take into consideration before you sign the dotted line and head to your closing.

Purchasing a home requires plenty of research – after all this will be where you live for a large part of your life. Before you dive into buying a new home you need to make sure you understand the process exactly. Here’s the three step process that every buyer should follow.


1. Locate and discover

The process of buying a house in the Bow Valley usually will occur organically and more often than not it will begin around 6 months or more prior to the actual purchase of the home. To start off you will view different home listings on the internet to see which types of homes are available in the different price ranges. Location is certainly something you need to take into consideration not only for the surrounding environment and scenery, but also for the amenities, walking distance to downtown, zoning and the future resale value. For example you can buy a 3 bedroom condo in three sisters  for the same price as a 1 bedroom + den condo in South Canmore. If you are planning to visit Canmore before you start your search, grab a RMV map at a local gas station or hotel and explore. Your eyes will quickly be opened on how different and unique each community is in town. Once you have found your favourite, contact a local Realtor to get full visibility of what is active, sold & expired in that community as well to be informed of new listings. After doing this you should start to piece together a list of priorities to narrow down your search. The majority of buyers will identify a property in this stage which prompts them to quickly move onto the next stage in the process.



2. Do your homework

You need to do the math and all the homework before rushing into buying a new home. Most of us out there need a mortgage in order to buy a new home. It’s true that this process has become much easier than it was as we move away from the lending and financial crisis, however it is still challenging for those who aren’t prepared. You need to understand that there are some homes you can afford and some you can’t. Different types of loans are available to you and they can affect your home search so you should pull your credit report and make sure you know your financial situation. We have many great Mortgage brokers in Town that are well versed on the best lenders and rates to get your pre-approved.

3. Have fun

You should at some point interact with a Canmore/Banff real estate agent as having that expert on your side while searching for a new home can prove to be invaluable. Attend open houses and view as many houses as you possibly can. Make some appointments to see houses and before you make any offers you should understand the market completely. By looking at more homes you will get a good feel for the local market giving you more confidence when you see your dream home.

Don’t worry about missing a couple of deals, you’ll only stress yourself out and it’s not that big a deal. This is all part of the home buying process so you should expect to pass a few good offers. There are plenty homes out there to choose from so don’t feel pressured or rushed into buying a new home. Searching for a new house is almost like a job on the side and you should have some fun with it. Making the purchase should always be an exciting moment so make sure you buy a home you love the look of.

You should always keep in mind that buying a home in Canmore or Banff is more complicated than most markets and needs professional assistance to protect your investment. As you have already noticed, properties values in the area are higher than most markets in Canada. This is due to the limited amount of future developable land & the international Demand for ownership in our beautiful mountain community in the Rockies.